Jan 23, 2024 14.00- 17.30 Proteomics Road Show Amsterdam UMC

Jan 23, 2024 14.00- 17.30 Proteomics Road Show Amsterdam UMC

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  • December 18, 2023
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Celebration of next generation mass spectrometry in the Proteomics Core Facility 

Venue:            Auditorium O2 building

Date:               14.00- 17.30, 23 Jan. 2023



14.00- 14.15    Inloop (koffie / thee)


14.15-14.20     Welcome (Connie Jimenez, director Proteomics Core Resource)

14.20-14.30     (Phospho)proteomics highlights of the past decade (Connie)


Collaborator orals

14.30-14.45     Proteomics to study cancer (Maarten Bijlsma)

14.45-15.00     Proteomics to study leukemias (Jacqueline Cloos)

15.00-15.15     Proteomics to study cardiovascular disease (Diederik Kuster)

15.15-15.30     Understanding Mycobacteria through proteomics (Wilbert Bitter)

15.30-15.45     Proteomics to study disease traces in urine (Irene Bijnsdorp)

15.45-16.00     Proteomics to study colorectal cancer (Meike de Wit / Beatriz Carvalho)

16.00-16.15     Proteomics of CSF to study dementias (Betty Tyms)

16.15-16.30     Proteomics to study the effect of gene perturbation (Rob Wolthuis, tbc)

16.30-16.45     Proteomics for precision oncology (Mariette Labots)


16.45-16.50     Future of proteomics at Amsterdam UMC (Connie)


16.50-17.30     Borrel


Interested to join? Send an email to Maartje Klaassen (maartje.klaassen@amsterdamumc.nl) so we know for how many people to arrange the catering.

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