Prof. dr. Connie R. Jimenez
Head OncoProteomics Laboratory
VUmc-Cancer Center Amsterdam, CCA 1-60
VU University Medical Center
De Boelelaan 1117,
1081HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)20-4442340
Fax: +31-204443844

Sample shipping

IMPORTANT: Sending parcels to the OPL

For a proper delivery of parcels sent to the OPL, it is essential to use the right address. Therefore, please use the address given below:

VU medisch centrum
Afdeling Medische Oncologie/OncoProteomics Lab
T.a.v. Dr. J.C. Knol (Tel. 020-44 46998)
CCA-gebouw, kamer CCA 1-46
Van der Boechorststraat 6
1081 BT Amsterdam

Visit us – route description

Directions to VUmc (pdf)

Location OPL in the cancer research building of the VUmc-Cancer Center Amsterdam:

The red/blue CCA building (building 9 on map) can be reached from within the VUmc POLICLINIC (entrance De Boelelaan 1118) (See layout VUmc buildings in figure below).
Take the stairs to the first floor, and continue through the section called “poli-M". Contine untill you reach the end of the hallway, and then take a left turn. After a short step, you will reach the bridge that connects the hospital with the CCA building. The entrance is only open for badge-holders. A telephone can be used the contact somebody to open the door for you.

The OPL labs are located on the first floor (internal phone number between brackets, prefix with +31(0)20-44 for external calls) :

Mass spec lab: CCA 1-47 (tel: 46696)
OPL team: CCA 1-46 (tel: 46998)
Connie Jimenez: CCA 1-60 (tel: 42340)
Protein wet lab: CCA 1-53 (tel: 46974)

VUmc building layout