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Ayse Erözenci

Ph.D. student

Leyla Ayse Erozenci received BSc in Biology with a specialization in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2008 at Istanbul University, Turkey; and a MSc in Master Oncology in 2010 at VUMC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at different universities in Turkey, before joining the OPL group as a PhD student in July 2017. She is working on a KWF-sponsored project titled “IMMPROVE: Urinary extracellular vesicles and their content as novel markers for minimally invasive diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer”. To this end, proteomics analyses will be performed on urinary extracellular vesicles to identify prostate cancer specific surface proteins, which will be further utilized in assays to capture and detect prostate cancer derived markers in urine.