Welcome to the website of the OncoProteomics Laboratory, a proteomics center with a focus on cancer proteomics and (inter)national collaboration.


The mission of the OPL is to develop/implement and apply innovative proteomics and data analysis strategies to improve (early) diagnostics and treatment of disease, most notably cancer.



The OncoProteomics Laboratory (OPL) was founded in 2006 with a start-up grant of the VUmc-Cancer Center Amsterdam and is embedded in the Department of Medical Oncology. The OPL performs biomarker research in many collaborative projects with researchers from the CCA, VUmc, and other national institutes (NKI, AMC, UMCU, RIVM, Radboud, Erasmus MC).



Most cellular functions are executed by proteins. Therefore, large-scale protein analysis through proteomics can provide an unprecedented and comprehensive source of information that uncovers the state and activity of cancer cells and, on a higher level, diverse aspects of tumor biology. The knowledge base thus acquired may be mined to initiate development of new diagnostic applications and/or therapeutic treatments. We work closely with clinicians in studies of various solid tumors and leukemias. Spearpoints of the lab are mass spectrometry-based, label-free protein expression and phosphorylation profiling in cells and tissues as well as “liquid biopsies” (exosomes, platelets).


What is proteomics?

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